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Taxi in Athens , Private Tours in Athens



We have selected destinations that will familiarize you with the modern and ancient Greece. You will have the opportunity to see and admire fine works of art, learn more about our historical heritage, get closer to our culture and wander in archaeological sites of great importance.

Choosing to use our taxi drivers for your private tour will prove to be both an educational and enjoyable experience. Our private tours are relaxing and comfortable for the passengers as you will have the ability to seat back in your luxurious Mercedes and feel as a true guest in our country.

You will be able to admire the beautiful countryside while enjoying a smooth drive, you can take a break and appreciate the view, you can eat in excellent little fish taverns and swim in beaches that only the locals know.

We offer you the freedom of flexibility together with our knowledge and guidance in order to make your day a true holiday!

All excursions can be modified to suit your time schedule and can be accompanied by a licensed tour guide upon demand. In every excursion we propose to you, there is always freedom for changes so that you will be better served.

Again a reminder, that a professional tour guide can accompany you upon request. Upon demand more excursions can be arranged in archaeological or other sites.