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Tour in Delphi

Our tour will begin from your hotel early in the morning and heading north through the national highway, will pass Thebes and Livadia and we will make our first stop at the Monastery of Saint Lucas.

The Byzantine Monastery of Saint Lucas is located on the slopes of Mount Helicon, built in the 11th century and is of exceptional interest for its architecture and its frescoes.

Having enjoyed hitherto magnificent landscapes of plains and mountains we continue our journey towards Arachova, one of the prettiest villages in Greece on the south slope of Mount Parnassos.

Arahova winter running and ski resort. A few kilometers after Arachova we arrive at our final destination Delphi, which in ancient times was said to be the navel of the earth.

Here we are in the heart of our ancient culture and have the opportunity to visit the famous oracle of Delphi, the Temple of Apollo, the Fitness Centre, the Castalia source and of course the archaeological museum.

The day trip to Delphi is really an enjoyable experience full of ancient culture and dramatic landscapes, ideal for all seasons. We have the ability and this excursion can make as many stops as you wish in cafés or restaurants and to tailor the trip to your needs.

Delphi Tour : The Tholos at base of Mount Parnassus
Delphi Tour : The theatre at Delphi
Delphi Tour : Delphi Archaeological Museum : The charioteer